Friday, 11 March 2011

Azam Baru :))

Hey,my first update,my first new perfect blog,my first awesome blog.haha,i know im a lil bit 'kuno'.well i know that.okay,what im gonna post this time is a about 'azam baru'. yeah sound like a lil bit funny.

1.Fall in love with a right guy.
2.Study,study and study.
3.No more hating my enemies.
4.Spend more time with my beloved cousins.
5.I cannot be a pathetic person.
6.Handle my problems with carefully.
7.Ignore people that i dont like.
8.Pushing away my admire with nicely.
9.Sustain a good relationship with my bestfriends.
10.Target 8'A in my study.

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